28 March 2011


I always feel more comfortable among a multicultural group of people. If all are Iranian, I feel something is missing. If everyone is from Canada, again, I don’t feel at home. I guess it is because most of the time I spend discussing how everything works in different cultures; talking about interesting expressions and slangs other culture might use; and what costumes are appropriate. One of my favourites is having an angle’s stomach. This is a Tunisian expression meaning someone who does not eat much. I always imagine angles to be those huge white creatures but apparently they can be small too.


Grumpy smurf said...

;))) nice expression! I wish I have one :) I am such a shekamoo ;))

Daisy said...

apparently I have an angle's stomach!!!

Grumpy smurf said...

wow, I love your sabzi background. it looks very springy ;)
miss you azizam with angle's stomach!!

Daisy said...

there is still no sign of spring here. So I thought I need to change the look of my blog :)

Lotus said...

My angels are tiny and fragile :)