Spring cleaning

It is customary to do a deep cleaning of your home right before Norooz, Iranian new year. People wash their walls, windows, rugs, and basically everything. This is not really a tradition for my mom. She is very clean and organize. She never allows for the dust to stay. So basically her home is always spotless. I wish I could say the same thing for my own home.  Anyway, since I don't really have time to clean my house, I can at least dust this blog. It always  makes me happy to visit this place and read my own posts as well as the visitors comments. One of my goals for this year is not allow this blog to gather dust again. 

Sidi Bou Said back in 2015

Beautiful view but we did not stay there. We went higher to have a better view of the port at sunset. I highly recommend visiting this magical place. 

Greedings (from heart)*

*I could not find a better translation for this. 

My new favourite salad dressing

I am sick of the store-bought salad dressing I have in the fridge. I think it will stay there until it expires and I get ride of it. I am and have been a big fan of Chef Michael Smith for a while. This week, I tried replicating one of his salad dressing and it was a hug success. I never enjoyed my salad as much as I enjoyed it with this salad dressing. There is also something to say about the real high quality Tunisian olive oil that I used. If you want to make the dressing, follow this recipe . I did not add any herb because I did not have any. It was still very decisions and great motivation for eating more salad.

Dill rice

I can smell the dill and rice on my hands and my clothes. I normally don't like the smell of the food on me but dill rice is different. I am enjoying the smell and let it take me to far far away places, north of Iran, when I was only a young girl. It warms my heart. it takes me back to those Norooz and summer holidays. It reminds me of those family gathering.

Job Interviews

Job interviews are like going on a date. You spend sometime with strangers trying  to impress them and get to know them. Then, you go home and wait for them to contact you back. It's been 4 weeks since my 2nd interview with an office and they did not have the decency to call or email me to let me know they have decided to go with someone else. If you are responsible in hiring people, treat them with respect. Don't let them wait for you. Help them to move on.

Things that really matter

I remember once when I was in school, couple of friends suggested skipping the class and going to see a movie. Of course the nerd in me couldn't handle the stress of missing a lecture. So I announced that I wouldn't go with them but I would gladly go to class and share my notes with whoever likes to have them later. I don't recall the content of that lecture nor do I recall the course but I never forget that I didn't watch 'the Banu Ordibehesht' with my friends.