30 March 2009

Adrienne Clarkson Again!

Adrienne Clarkson, the former Governor-General of Canada will be at UBC this Tuesday. This summer I spend some time reading her book, Heart Matters. While I think she is clueless when it comes to Iran and Iranian, I admire her accomplishment, success, and for the woman she is. I'm really excited to visit her in person and listen to her talk. Apparently, her public speaking is as good as her writing.

27 March 2009

There is so much going on in my life right now that I know I shouldn’t be thinking about this. I know I have to focus more than ever and not let anything to distract me specially now... But, what should I do [sigh]. After so many many years I have met someone that I really like but he isn’t interested. He doesn’t even look my way. I hate to act like a vulnerable teenage girl. This is noting like me. It's very hurtful at so many levels.

25 March 2009


I would like to hear some good news!

Memorable New Year

What are the chances that when 6 people are coming back from a party two of them realize that they have lost their keys in the party. Apparently, it is fairly high because that was what happened to me and my friends. We were walking for about 10min when one of my friends realized that he left his jacket in the party with his keys to his home in his pocket. Two seconds later another friend found out that she has lost her keys too. We had to go back to the scene knowing that everyone else has already left. We ended up calling the security to come and open the doors for us. Luckily one of them found his jacket but the other one had to wait until the next day to find her keys. It didn’t go as smooth as it sounds but it was a night to remember. We had good laughs.

19 March 2009

Last post for this year

- Happy New Year to those who celebrate this day and happy the first day of spring to those who don’t. Anyhow, it is a good occasion to celebrate.

- Iranian student at UBC set up a table with Haft-seen at the main library on campus. It was nice to see how they advocate for Nowruz.

- Last year was a tough year for me and my family. I hope this year be better, healthier, happier, and brighter for everyone.

Happy Nowruz

14 March 2009

Spread the word

I think it is safe to say that I am a technology junky. I love blogging, social software, wikis, blackberry (which I don’t own yet), and overall anything that has to do with web2.0 applications. In addition, I love collaboration. It provides you with the sense of unitary. It gives you the opportunity to learn from each others, and improve intellectually as well as socially. Besides, the overall outcomes will be better if it manage correctly.

I have read this article today in Iranian.com that they have started a partnership with kodoom.com for calendar-based Event section. What a good idea to spread the word much faster. It can’t get better than this, the combination of collaboration and use of technology.

9 March 2009


Almost spring, 2009

I think the last post was only an illusion because it's snowing now!

4 March 2009

Swans are coming back

Almost spring, 2009

It feels like spring is finally here. I started this week by spending some me-time on Monday morning. After the exhausting workshop I had to go through all Saturday and Sunday, I knew I deserved to relax and not think about anything else. I took a long walk and enjoyed the weather; I breathed; I closed my eyes; I could imagine that all the flowers would be in full bloom in a couple of weeks. No wonder my ancestors celebrated the first day of spring every year and there is no surprise that this old tradition is still alive to this day.