25 March 2013

Sometimes, I realize that it is me surrounded by walls.

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radius said...

Hi Daisy,

I hope you are not referring to walls because some of your recent posts did not got a comment. It is a coincidence that after your recent thoughts about gender assigned to unanimated objects in english poetry it was also a wall (in Shakespeares Midsummernight Dream) that came to my mind.
And, funny enough, although the wall's character is described here as very compassionate, opening a small hole to facilitate Pyramus and Thisbe seeing each other, Shakespeare assignes the wall a male gender (big relieve).

The wall, methinks, being sensible, should curse again.

(out of character) No, in truth, sir, he should not. “Deceiving me” is Thisbe’s cue. She is to enter now and I am to spy her through the wall. You shall see, it will fall pat as I told you. Yonder she comes.

Which walls are harder to accept, those that separate two lovers or those that keep people confined in prison for years ? I received a few days ago a message from the sister of Amir Hekmati (http://freeamir.org/) where she said that her brother is imprissoned in Evin since 18 month without having any possibility to communicate with his family and friends. I hope that in all cases, the walls you were talking about and the walls that that keep political prisoners and the walls that seperate people who love each other, will all come down soon.