10 March 2013

I'm writing your name

"I'm writing your name my darling
On the old poplar
You're writing my name my darling
On the sand of the path

Tomorrow it will rain
On the wounded stories
Your name will remain my darling
And my name will be erased

I talk about you my darling
To the people of the neighbourhood
You talk about me my darling
To the spring water
And when they burn the midnight oil
Beneath the lamps of the evening
They talk about you my darling
And I am forgotten

You gave me a flower
I showed it to my friends
I put it in my book
I planted it on my pillow
I gave you a vase
You didn't take care of it you weren't concerned with it
So the gift went to waste

You tell me you love me
You don't know how much
If you really love me
Then tell me why you did that?
Please .. Why.. Why?"

translation: from youtube

it is here because it is one of your favourite songs!


radius said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful music and for the very poetic translation. Do you know if Fairuz still performs life on stage ?
Anyway, such amazing music will stay young and powerful forever.

Daisy said...

I am glad you enjoyed this song. I was introduced to her recently and I don’t know if she is still performing. I will let you know if I figure it out.