11 November 2011

Red poppies

Photo from here 

-Do you get the day off on Remembrance Day?
--No. We only will be having 2 mins of silence at 11 am.
-Is that because you talk too much?
-- :D

I have a very different feeling toward the Remembrance Day! My whole philosophy about military, arm forces, war, and patriotism is not only different but can even be offensive to some. I am against all of them. I grew up in the war and I am still remembering the time we had to go to shelters because of Iraq bombings. There are always two sides of stories in a given war; both sides are the victims of some stupid politicians. If we have lost people, it was because we have also killed people from the other side. This is a conversation I will never have with my Canadian friends and colleagues who are strongly wearing the red poppies. I don’t think they will ever understand me.

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