2 November 2011

New month, new deals

I think I am ready to try that 30 days practice. The one that is saying if you do something persistently for 30 days, it will stick with you. I sort of believe in that and also I came across this article which inspired me to do this right now.

Therefore, for the next 30 days, I would like to polish my French a bit and review those grammar and vocabularies that are long forgotten. I have started with 30 minutes French study since yesterday.

I also need to go back to gym regularly. My body and soul needs it badly. But I cannot committee to the gym every day. First, because I don’t have time for it; second, it is not really healthy. I am hoping for 3 to 4 days per week.

I also would like to add writing to the list but for now I think it is better to add regular reading, at least one article per day and bed time reading.


Lotus said...

Please let me share my experiences with you.
Make the 30-day experiment as much fun as possible. Choose "ONLY ONE" task---this is difficult though, some kind of letting go and being moderate :) and choose a doable task. Think of it as experiencing something new and fun, rather than doing things that you have postponed all at once.

In my experience, the 30-day experiment is more like "tasting new things" and seeing if it works for you. Some of those may not work. You may not continue all of the things you experiment with, much like wine tasting, you won't buy all the wines that you taste, typically :)

Good luck!

Daisy said...

Thank you for sharing your experience with me. It is very much appreciated. I have to agree with you on taking ONE task at a time. I have already missed reading one article a day.

However, I am determined about French revision. I didn’t sleep last night until I studied French and I studied a bit more that 30 min because I didn’t feel tired.
I will still continue going to the gym because that is part of my life and I have just not been very organized recently.

I didn’t understand what you mean by wine tasting. What do you meant you won't buy all the wines that you taste!! LOL!

Lotus said...

I meant that you can either use this to install new habits or just look at them as experimentation. I like the second more because it makes it less stressful and you enjoy the process more, rather than focusing on an end result.

I am referring to the end of your second sentence: It does not have to stick with you. If you/your body likes it you will continue, otherwise it has been just an experiment ... Hope I make sense :)

Daisy said...

yes, of course it makes sense :) thank you