30 June 2011

Clueless-II !!!

With everything that‘s been happening and not settled yet, I had a lot of time to have negative thoughts and no time for reflection. As the result my blog entries look poorer and poorer and I feel lost more than ever. I need to spend some time just for myself and for this blog. It has proven to me that in many occasions writing here helped me to keep my sanity. 

One of my biggest flaws is that I take in almost everything. I avoid expressing my feelings. I establish relationships (professional or personal) based on false expectations. People think treating me this way or that way is all right and does not bother me. They think their certain behaviour is approved by me. Then, there is one day that I realize that I can’t stand that person anymore and ... 

Another problem is that I expect certain people to have the same level of common sense as I do. Is it too much to expect a 22 years old to not leave half of her apple on the kitchen countertop for couple of days because it attracts fruit flies? Or if you see there are many fruit flies around, find the source and get rid of your apple.

29 June 2011

"Life is a choice. It is YOUR life. Choose consciously, choose wisely, choose honestly. Choose happiness."

I found this on Paulo Coelho's Blog. I should pick up one of his books again and read it. 

27 June 2011


Have this ever happened to you? You want something badly; you wait for it for a long time to get it but when you have it, it doesn’t seem like what you imagined it would be.

22 June 2011


I am going through a very bad phase for the past few days. Every little thing annoys me. For example, I can’t stand receiving these messages on Facebook in Spanish. There is this group of Spanish speaking friends who are too insensitive to other people in the group. They carry a discussion on facebook in Spanish. I never asked to be part of your stupid discussion but if you see my name among others who are receiving your messages, be courteous and write in freaking English.
So what I did this morning, I wrote in Farsi to the whole group and I am the only one who understands Farsi. The sad part is, so far there was only one person who got it. Someone wants to know what I wrote and there was another person who continues writing in Spanish!!!
I need to keep my distance from people before I say stuff that hurt others.

21 June 2011

Splendor in the Grass

I can see you're thinking baby
I've been thinking too
about the way we used to be
and how to star a new

Maybe I'm a hopeless dreamer
maybe I've got it wrong
but i'm going where the grass is green
if you like to come along

Back when i was starting out
I always wanted more
but every time I got it
I still felt just like before

Fortune is a fickle friend
I'm tired of chasing fate
and when I look into your eyes
I know you feel the same

All these years of living large
are starting to do a sin
I wont say it wasn't fun
but now it has to end

Life is moving oh so fast
I think we should take it slow
rest our heads upon the grass
and listen to it grow

Going where the hills are green
and the cars are few and far
days are full of splendor
and at night you can see the stars

Life's been moving oh so fast
I think we should take it slow
rest our heads upon the grass
and listen to it grow 

Pink Martini

20 June 2011

“Happiness is something that multiplies when it is divided.” Paulo Coelho

I always believe that we need our love ones' support during tough time but we also need them during happy moments.
I am back from a short but a memorable trip. After being disconnected from the world (the Internet) for three days, I am trying to catch up with my emails and messages.

14 June 2011

My spice shelf

One needs to organize one’s spice shelf. Cleaning has become a sort of meditation for me. I feel so great after I am done organizing and tidying up the place.