28 June 2010

Dating a friend

Now I think, it is a mistake to risk a perfectly good friendship for romance. Not everyone has the ability to forgive and forget. Not everyone retains only the good memories. Not everyone understands the value of a strong friendship which made you cross the friendship line in the first place. Not everyone realizes that sharing history with someone makes you who you are. It is hard for me to believe that some good friendships are ruined because of romance. That circle of friends will never be the same.

23 June 2010

Scattered mind

Origins of my Art: Echoes of my Loves by Joseph Drapell (2002) from here

I have found this painting amusing. It gives me a feeling as if I am in a scattered state of mind which I am and not as what the title of the work says about love. I am thinking of so many things but noting specific. I have a sense that I am no longer in control of my own thoughts. It obviously shows from the content of this blog.    

21 June 2010

I miss a lot of people... and how easier it could have been if I was closer to them.

20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day

I remember my dad was very strict when we were growing up. Now that we are all grown ups, he is more mellow when it comes to what we do. But I know deep down he is always worried for us. I know I will be always my dad’s little girl...

16 June 2010

It was indeed a happy day :)

That smart little girl who could not stay calm for one second is grown up and she is a mother now. I know she will be a great mom. She has a heart as great as an ocean and generosity that impact everyone who knows her. I hope that she and her little son are always happy, healthy, and safe. I hope always goodhearted people cross their paths. Now, there is one more person in my life that I love and care for very very much.

15 June 2010

After one week, I am back to work and found myself with tons of emails that I have to respond too. Of course, this was not a surprise. But what I found amazing was three familiar names in my inbox. An old classmate sent an email to three of us and two more emails went back and forth from the other two.  We never communicated through work emails. I just realized how much I missed them. How much I missed working with them on projects. Three of us are working in Canada but in three different provinces and the last one working in U.S. None of us are even in the same time zone. Last year at this time none of us knew where we would be in a year. None of us knows where we will be next year. Sometimes I think I ran from uncertainty my whole life by planning short term and long term every single day. The truth is we always live an uncertain life. So let’s just live it for now without a fight without hesitation and without regrets.     

14 June 2010

To someone special :)

Some people are claiming that mustache is back in fashion. This post is for them.

I am back where I belong to

After living off a suitcase for a week, I am back to the place that I have been living for the past 10 months. It feels like home but for some reason I can’t call it home. I sent a text message to my brother letting him know that I arrived in one piece, safe and sound but I couldn't type "I'm home"! 

12 June 2010

Only for book lovers

Check this out http://bookshelfporn.com/archive, and my favourite is this one.

7 June 2010

"May I never miss a sunset or a rainbow because I am looking down" -- S.J.Parker

6 June 2010


I never thought there is anything more important that hope in anyone’s life. Hope can be the only single way to survival, improvement, and achievement. However, it can also mask our denial. Because we try to stay positive, we don’t realize that we are fooling ourselves; hopping that something extraordinary will happen and it will fix the problem or change the situation in our favour. There is a fine line between being hopeful and being irrational. I have a feeling that some of us (including me) are waiting for a miracle that might never happen. It just gonna push us back by preventing us to focus our energy on something more productive.