13 May 2010

Charming view

The world of photography fascinates me [this reminds me that I didn’t take any pictures this spring. There is a stand alone apple tree right in the middle of the hill on campus. It was so beautiful this spring when it was in full bloom]. Recently, I discovered Jean Michel Berts who is a French photographer. So far, anything I have seen from him was in back and white. His photos are very powerful. He has his own special way, working with light. The photo above is one of his works. I love it. Not only because I think I could I never afford to stay in a room with this view, but there is something about this picture and about this room. Here, it is Paris , a busy city, and yet provides you with serenity and seclusion. 
I close my eyes and imagine myself in Paris standing below Eiffel Tower in spring time.


Dead said...

It is really curious to me that you like this picture so much .. I appreciate its power, but for some reason I do not like it, maybe almost hate it ... something about the form of the room, the circles and the window ... Anyway, I am not criticizing you or your taste :) just found the difference interesting!

I love taking pictures, because it pushes me back to be in the moments and feel my surroundings, very meditative ...

Daisy said...

It's perfectly all right if I'm the only one loving this picture.
How do you think the advertisement industry works? One TV commercial that is loved by so many people can be irritating to others and vise versa. So, as long as it has been done well enough, there will be some people who will be influenced by it.

Dead said...

well, I have heard of research that shows it is drawing "attention" that really counts, not necessarily "positive/favorable" attention :))