25 February 2010


  • When Leo got shot in the Departed, I felt as if I was shot in the heart!
  • It seems I can't get myself to write here anymore. I don't understand why. 
  • Two more days and my herbal D-tox 12 days diet will be over. I have started craving bread and other things. One Saturday, my friend and I went to one of those natural products store because I needed to buy some Vitamin D supplement. We came back with no vitamin D but with two detox cleanser kits. I am always ready for this type of challenges and I have already done cleansing program twice. But I am sure my friend thinks to herself what the hell she got herself into! Only two days left; hang in there. 
  • Seize the moment and spend time with those that you know you will miss.


Zlatnokosa said...

we are pahlevans! two more days....;)))

Daisy said...

We are indeed :))

Dead said...

A stupid question: have I been here before? :) It feels strange ...

So, you have been eating only herbs for 10 days? is it even possible to live on herbs???

Daisy said...

I'm not sure if I understood your question. How should I know where you have been if you don't know it yourself ;)
No, I didn't live on herbs for 10 days. Even if that was possible, I love meat to much to be able to stay away from it for 10 days. The d-tox program is basically following gluten, yeast and sugar free diet. In addition, you have to take more fiber and some herbal formula. The one I took was from Wild Rose.

Dead said...

If I had left comments before!!! :)
Anyway, I already declared it to be a stupid question.

Sima is following a gluten free diet, so I showed her your link, thanks for sharing the information!