22 February 2015

Those golden times

There was a time that group of us wrote regularly. There was a time that we had our very own community. There was a time that I spent many hours thinking and drafting what I wanted to write next. There was a time that publishing a new post or comment was very satisfying. I miss those times and that person; who was practicing reflection daily; who had a purpose in life; and who was all about self improvement. I miss the habit of blogging. I miss the togetherness with my virtual friends.

I want to start writing a weekly gratitude journal. I need to back on track.

What I'm the most grateful this week is for my lovely protective family.
I'm grateful that dispite all problems with health care in Quebec, we can still rely on them.
I'm grateful for sitting by the fireplace in this cold winter.


Behdokht said...

I share your feelings and thoughts on this, came back to my blog after a very long time, started looking at my old posts and felt sad. Welcome back! :)

radius said...

It could not been expressed better. I feel the same. I think exchange of thoughts across boarders is a great gift of the internet age. Writing a blog, reading the comments of others, and responding to other peoples posts is great source of inspiration.
regards, Michael