9 June 2014


"I was teaching myself how to write DOS commands but I didn't have enough money to buy those fancy computer books. Back then in Iran, there wasn't really anything like a library or Internet that you could go to find information. It was not anything like Chapters either. I don’t know if you remember but it is not customary in Iran to just go to a bookstore, read a book as long as you like, and not buy it at the end. If you spend more than a minute with a book, you better buy it; otherwise, you will be on the black list for that store and would be better to never show up there.

So what I used to do was to go to those bookstores on Enghelab St., right in front of Tehran University, find the book, the chapter, and the pages that I needed and read it for couple of minutes, memorized the page number and then went to a different book that I picked randomly. Spent couple of minutes with that book, then went back to the original book and continued reading from where I left off. So any time, I was stuck in a problem and didn't know how to write the commands, that was how I did go about figuring out a solution to it."

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