17 December 2013

The Christmas Experiments: the countdown began

Listening Disney Playlist from Davedonuts on Vimeo.

Also for more, visit http://christmasexperiments.com

Facebook craving

Today, for the first time, after being away from Facebook for over a year, I was craving to look at some familiar photos, or to learn what people [my friends] were up to.  It was one of those days that FB could actually help to relax by wondering around. I am not saying I will go back to FB or I regret quitting it. All I am saying is that I just felt it was missing. 
I can't wait for the holidays to begin!

9 December 2013

Feeling Empowered

"Too bad there is no on/off switch for how we feel, what is in our heart, and for what goes in our mind. I have been really miserable for sometimes now. I have handed in the worst final project of my life two weeks ago because I was simply incapable of focusing. The final grade that could have been +A will be +B if my prof shows some mercy on me.

But then what about my dreams. When did I stop dreaming or better yet when did I stop to put my 100% effort? What did really happen to that ambitious person?" from April 2009

I am back. I want to write again. I was going through old posts that never made it to publications and I came cross this one. I can't even remember what paper I was talking about but I know the feeling of needing to be empowered.

I haven't written here for god knows how long,  haven't exercise, or read a good book. I want to feel empowered again. I need to work on it again.