29 May 2013


She quit smoking 8 years ago, but she has been chewing those nicotine gums for the past 8 years.


radius said...

Hi Daisy, Smoking a cigarette might look much more elegant than chewing a gum in public life. But on the long term, your body will be grateful for choosing the gum instead of the tobacco. It is not only that an average smoker has an approx. 8 years reduced life-expectancy, but is also plagued with a much higher risk for really disgusting diseases (artherosklerosis, diabetes, stroke, alzheimer, bad skin, to name just a few of them).

By the way, if you want to look cool even with the chewing gum between your teeths, I suggest you do some of these chewing gum bubbles in public, and let them pop. I cannot imagine anything more fascinating than an elegant lady who is poping a bubble gum at an dinner banquet. When you do this, please post a photograph on your blog.

best greetings, Michael

Daisy said...

Why did you assume I chew gums?

radius said...

O sorry, I thought you are talking about yourself in the post. So I guess it is a friend or colleague of yours who is chewing nicotine gums. Anyhow, please ask her to do some chewing gums bubbles at the next possible occasion.