23 January 2013

Taste of Esfahan

Kohlrabi and Mung beans haleem
If you have no idea what Kohlrabi is, see this article.

Haleem is a category of dishes that is popular in Iran. The recipe I am about to share can only be found in Esfahan and this particular recipe is a family recipe. The original recipe has meat and apparently different herbs. 

2 medium Kohlrabi
1 cup Mung beans
0.5 cup rice
1 medium onion
3 cloves of garlic
Salt and black pepper
~0.5 table spoon turmeric
2 table spoon dried tarragon 

Boil Kohlrabi, Mung beans, and rice for couple of hours until everything cooks very well and become mushy and thick (i.e. it might take 2 to 3 hours and you might need to add more water). Then fry the onion and garlic. Add turmeric, salt and pepper and tarragon and fry for couple of minutes. Add the onion mix to Kohlrabi, Mung beans, and rice. Let it cook for a little bit longer. You need to stir it frequently at this point otherwise it will stick to the bottom of the pot and it will burn. Becareful not to burn yourself either. Thick liquid dose boil hard.
Serve with flat bread.



Anonymous said...

haha, the first question i had was, what is kohlabi :D

Deep Blue Sea said...

It is amazing how many words, including dish names and ingredients are common between India and Iran.

Deep Blue Sea

Daisy said...

Lol! So what is it? Is it the ugliest vegetable?

Daisy said...

I know! The more I learn about other culture, the more I find common things from India, to Middle East and up to North Africa. It is fascinating how the cultures blended over many years :)