22 August 2012

"I'm not here to spit in your face; I'm here to blow at your back."
Modern Family 


Aftab bano said...

I love that show! And Gloria is AWESOME!!!

Deep Blue Sea said...

Hey Daisy

Do u watch Undercover Boss USA ?

Deep Blue Sea

Daisy said...

No. Do you recommend watching it?

Deep Blue Sea said...

I would recommend it. I asked because you mentioned you like Masterchef Australia. This is a similar kind of reality show - in that there is no nonsense in it.

Make sure though that when you start of you watch atleast 1 or 2 episodes in full before deciding whether you like it or not. Because when I started watching it - I saw first 10 minutes and switched channel. It was later that I watched an entire episode and liked it..

Daisy said...

Thanks for recommendation. I will watch it :)