21 August 2012

A lonely planet called earth

It has been Sex and the City marathon. I was watching the episode which Miranda signed off on her mortgage. Couple of days later due to fear of never getting married, dying alone, and being eaten by her cat, she had a panic attack. It reminded me of the time that I signed those papers for my small apartment and on my walk back I was crying the whole way realizing that this was not what I wanted. I didn’t want to do it alone. I always imagined if I ever do it, it will be with a partner.

 No matter if you marry someday or not, there are always things that you have to do on your own. So maybe it is better if you don’t get married for security because the only person that needs to make you feel secure is you and only you.


Nargess said...

It is good to do things alone and build up the confidence and independence, knowing you will be fine by yourself no matter what. This way, you won't stay in bad or abusive relationships. Many choose to stay in unhealthy relationships because of the fear of being alone and/or thinking they are not capable of making it alone. As for me, I was so excited to have my own place and independence that I partied alone in my empty apartment after signing the papers, while cleaning toilets and listening to loud music, signing and dancing :-) I know I am crazy!

If a guy buys a place, they brag about it, and you cry? You should be proud of yourself.

Daisy said...

Thank you Nargess!

I know I am crazy too! I am working on myself :) your comment made me smile. thanks!