19 December 2011

They called it "Population Control"

Now that U.S. troops are saying goodbye to Iraq, I hope everyone spends sometime and think about the very stupid concept of war. According to an article by the New York Times, the 3 deadliest wars in history are the World War II (66 million deaths), Genghis Kahn (40 million deaths), and Mao Zedong (40 million deaths). If you consider the percentage of population that got killed in those brutal wars, Genghis Kahn ranks first (11.1%) and World War II ranks 6 (2.6%). Their main source is the book by Matthew White, "The Great Big Book of Horrible Things". If we know the end results of the war, why some people still thing it is the only solution or it is the best solution. 2011 is almost coming to the end. I wish a safer year for all people in the world specially people in Iran. Amen!

p.s. Iran-Iraq war ranks 61/100 with 0.7 million deaths.

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