21 December 2011

Last night, I prayed to God. I have not done that for a long time, embarrassed to confess. However, when you see yourself completely helpless, that is what you do. You reach to something bigger than you, bigger than life itself. It is another very stressful time. But life has shown me that this shall pass too. Let’s hope for the best and brighter days. The fact that you are afraid of doing something should not stop you from doing it. You need to take some risk if you want to see change in your situation. Things are going to a right direction even though it is not ideal. You need to put your brave mask on, be determined more than ever in your life, and go for it.


Lotus said...

I have had similar experiences with prayers.
Things that we feel embarrassed about have useful information about our inhibitions.
Anyway, praying is definitely a good thing, even an art :)

Daisy said...

Thank you Lotus!