31 October 2011

No one really knows I am a blogger. I know it is something normal nowadays and most people do it. However, I just want to be by myself when I am writing. I don’t mean that I am not myself other times but I don't want to feel worry or consider other peoples’ feelings in my blog. This is my space... Having said that I think I over reacted when a very good friend of mine found out about my blog.

How Science Should Be!

Today, I came across this article, How to choose a good scientific problem. It is a bit old but there are some intersting messages in it. It is only three pages long and if you have your own research lab or if you are thinking of doing graduate studies, I recommend you reading this article.

25 October 2011

I don’t have time to elaborate more on this. I will come back later to write more but sometimes my heart breaks for all the suffering in the world. Some people deserve better, much better.

21 October 2011

Some of the coolest scientists and cleanest labs I have ever seen.
Every hit on this video sends money to cancer research.

18 October 2011

16 October 2011

A reminder

هر كجا هستم ، باشم‌،
آسمان مال من است‌.
پنجره‌، فكر ، هوا ، عشق ، زمين مال من است‌.
چه اهميت دارد
گاه اگر مي رويند
قارچهاي غربت؟

Wherever I am, let me be!
The Sky is mine.
The windows, the mind, the air, love, earth, are all mine.
What does it matter
if mushrooms of nostalgia
grow from time to time? (Sepehri 58)"

14 October 2011


Hello! Is it me you're looking for?

12 October 2011


The smile of bus driver while being careful not to splash me on a rainy day.. ...priceless

11 October 2011

I am mentally and physically tired. That is the only reason I am posting this here. It is interesting that it does not make me emotional. It is more calming than anything else.

5 October 2011

I guess it is a good thing that I am very busy but don't have time to check out my favourite blogs!

3 October 2011

5K, Run for the Cure... DONE!

Talking about the colour of my bra was fun but I decided to do something different. Inspired by my boss and for personal fulfilment, yesterday, I ran 5K alongside many other people who were running for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. I was a bit concerned that I couldn’t do it since I didn’t have time to train for it. This morning, I felt it in my legs but it feels great; the same great feeling when I reached the finish line.
All the runners/walkers will be given a piece of paper on which is written “I am running for...” and you are supposed to fill in the blank. I became quite overwhelmed as I was reading what everyone wrote. They were couple that were inspiring too. Among those this one stayed with me For because I can, so others can too.