2 August 2011

To all my lovely Iranian fellows who are planning to apply for any Canadian Universities, please consider that you are putting me in a very awkward situation by asking specific questions, which I do not know the answer to.

There is this old high school friend who has decided to come to Canada. Now she is applying for the winter term and she has less than a month before the deadline. I am sorry if I can’t recommend whether you should apply for a master degree or ph.d because you want to know which one has a better job market after graduation. Even if I knew your chances of finding a job with a master or ph.d now, who knows how the economy would be like by the time you graduate. 

Also, I don’t know which university is better in Environmental Engineering, Waste Management. This is too specific and you should ask someone who is already in this field. 

If I don’t give you specific answers is not because I don’t want to help you but it is because I don’t know. I am sorry if I can’t pretend that I am an expert in everything that goes on in Canada.


Lotus said...

An unrelated question:
I read the Alchemist yesterday and as usual once I was past the point that he meets the Alchemist I started feeling uncomfortable.
The last couple of chapters specially do not feel right at all.

Have you ever had such feelings reading the book?

Grumpy smurf said...

I think that the same thing for TLP goes for Alchemist as well. State of mind in which you are influences your feelings about the book. I read Alchemist more than 15years ago for the first time and I liked it (all the elements that I needed were there). I reread it two times more but it was never as good (is it the fact that I knew what comes, that I was older, that I was not in need for the things...I do not know...)...but I understand what you mean...

Daisy said...

To be honest, I never had that uncomfortable feeling. This is the 2nd time I am reading it after many many years!!

An unrelated note:
I couldn't wait so I started watching the movie, Never let me go. I thought I could watch the movie first and then I read the book. There was only after 20min of the movie, when I figured out what it was about, I turned it off. I am not sure if I want to watch it. It was just too creepy. Now I am confused. I am curious to know what will happen but I can't watch it by myself :(!!!!

Lotus said...

The book is something else, it is a masterpiece of a novel to me, the writer is playing with elements so beautifully that, for me, the feeling of awe overcame everything else. The horrifying truth and the majestic sadness is revealed ever so slowly that I embraced almost every moment of it.

I have not seen the movie, but feel that it cannot do real justice to the book anyway!

You realize that I am talking too emotionally, right? :)

Daisy said...

usually movies are not as good as the novel, I agree. I picked up the book from the library yesterday. I read couple of pages. I think i will read it :)