26 August 2011

Girl meets boy I

Last night, I was told 2-3 stories that I will share here (pending if I remember one of them!) for people who are looking for something positive or simply like to hear fun stories. 

She told me about this friend of her that was a very accomplished, smart woman. She was single and didn’t go out much either. Every time one of the friends called her to invite her for a social event, she would come up with an excuse to not leave home. They started telling her “if you don’t go out how you do expect to meet someone? The prince charming will not come knocking on your door, you know.” Years passed and she moved to a new place. One day, a guy knocked on her door asking for the previous residents. The two of them are engaged now.

Although I do not believe in prince charmings, I do believe in destiny.


Lotus said...

I suggest an alternative. One may want to go to social events to observe people and have fun (since we are social species) and the destiny, as you mentioned, will take care of the rest of it :)

Daisy said...

good point ;)