21 July 2011

Moving time ll

One of the most valuable aspect of moving is the fact that you find some of your old hidden treasures. I have a very good moving record!! I was 4 or 5 years old when we moved to Tehran from Esfahan. Then years later, I moved to Montreal. Since then, I have lived in 5 different cities. Some of my stuff moved with me everywhere I went but the rest stayed in my parents’ basement for convenience. Now that they have moved, I am discovering some of the old stuff that we took with us from Iran. One of those things was a notebook that I circulated among my high school friends the last year of high school. It was pretty common for friends to write something for you on your diary or journal before you say good-bye to each other. I was reading them and laughing my heads off. I had very witty friends and we were very close.

One of them wrote this: (I tried to translate it into English but I will also leave the original version here because it is just too cute not to share) .“You know what one sees at first glance at your notebook? Yeah, one can guess your Esfahani nature just by a look at your small tiny notebook. This is not fair. There is not enough room to write. Do you expect us to not write you anything but leave a finger print? Yeh!!” by S.N. 

می دانی با اولین نگاه به دفتر تو آدم متوجه چه میشه ؟! آره، ذات اصفهانی تو را به یک نگاه میشه از این دفتر کوچولو و لاغر مردنی دریافت. آخه یک ذره انصاف هم خوب چزیه. برای هر کدام ممان یک ذره جا گذاشتی که لابد فقط انگشت بزنیم و برویم ! هان !
نویسنده: س. ن.

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Lotus said...

This is very nice, I mean having good memories and laughing at that tiny notebook :P