27 July 2011

Although I am pretty content about my current profession; and cooking has been my passion and dream of being a chief has been always and will be with me; and love of jewellery makes me envy and admire jewellery designers, if I had the chance to do it all over again, I would become a psychologist.

25 July 2011

Today's goal

Treat yourself the way you treat your best friends. That means be gentle, be honest, and be kind.

24 July 2011

My aunt’s visit

Some relatives are as precious as family members. One of those people is one of my mom’s aunts. I love her and her whole family dearly. She is only couple of years older than my mom and her daughter is my age. We almost grew up together. Couple of months ago a relative called my mom from Iran and told her she wants to come to Canada for a visit. This news made my mom very happy particularly when she came up with the idea of calling her aunt and ask her to take advantage of this opportunity and come to Canada with that relative. My mom’s aunt has never travelled by herself, she doesn’t speak English, and the idea of coming to Canada was just terrifying. After my mom and her kids insisted on her visit, she finally agreed to apply for Canadian visa along with that relative. After couple of months, she called my mom to tell her that she was the only one who got the visa.

21 July 2011

Moving time ll

One of the most valuable aspect of moving is the fact that you find some of your old hidden treasures. I have a very good moving record!! I was 4 or 5 years old when we moved to Tehran from Esfahan. Then years later, I moved to Montreal. Since then, I have lived in 5 different cities. Some of my stuff moved with me everywhere I went but the rest stayed in my parents’ basement for convenience. Now that they have moved, I am discovering some of the old stuff that we took with us from Iran. One of those things was a notebook that I circulated among my high school friends the last year of high school. It was pretty common for friends to write something for you on your diary or journal before you say good-bye to each other. I was reading them and laughing my heads off. I had very witty friends and we were very close.

One of them wrote this: (I tried to translate it into English but I will also leave the original version here because it is just too cute not to share) .“You know what one sees at first glance at your notebook? Yeah, one can guess your Esfahani nature just by a look at your small tiny notebook. This is not fair. There is not enough room to write. Do you expect us to not write you anything but leave a finger print? Yeh!!” by S.N. 

می دانی با اولین نگاه به دفتر تو آدم متوجه چه میشه ؟! آره، ذات اصفهانی تو را به یک نگاه میشه از این دفتر کوچولو و لاغر مردنی دریافت. آخه یک ذره انصاف هم خوب چزیه. برای هر کدام ممان یک ذره جا گذاشتی که لابد فقط انگشت بزنیم و برویم ! هان !
نویسنده: س. ن.

20 July 2011

Moving time again

My parents are moving after 11 years. This might not be that long for some people who live all their lives in one home but for my parents that is a long time. While they were in Iran, the average time they stayed in the same house was 2 years, the longest was 5 years. But things are different on the other side of the pond. They do not know as many people as they used to back in Iran. Just by one phone call, we had many helpers who would come over to move our stuff to the new place with pleasure. Here, you have to call in advance, book movers, and then everything is a lot more costly.

I am visiting my family and sort of helping them with the move (I am not sure how helpful I am thought). However, it has not been the smoothest move ever since they have been renovating the new house and it is not finished! The kitchen is half done. The new bathroom was not functioning at the beginning. Thank God it was nothing serious, things are still in boxes and you can’t really find anything around here. Before I came, my brother warned me that it was a big mess. And I responded; Well! It just gonna be like your bedroom... He laughed and now I know it is nothing like his bedroom :)

15 July 2011

Tips for traveling!

This is an interesting read. Tips for traveling by Paulo Coelho. I got the Alchemist from the library yesterday. I have read it while ago in Farsi when I was in Iran. I think it is time to read it again. This book will be a very nice companion for me during my trip.  

14 July 2011

A place to hangout !

Is it goning to be the end for Facebook? Too bad they couldn't come up with a better name.

13 July 2011

I need to vent !!

It is not cool to use someone else’s hair comb with or without their permission. When I think our future doctors might not understand simple rules for personal hygiene, I feel a cold shiver running through my body. How can I deal with this now? How do I put positive spin to this experience? I mean having annoying person around me. 

12 July 2011

No title!!!

I just read this post. It breaks my hearth everytime I get to know more about other people's reality. I do believe in God. I am just wondering how long people have to wait to see justice.


I have a wonderful granduncle, who I adore, from my mother side. He has one of those sweet Esfahani accent and very good voice. Without having any formal training, he sang when we used to get together or go out for a picnic. This song, mikham beram kooh, always reminds me of him.

11 July 2011


My future living room is something like this :)

9 July 2011

Rethinking what I call enjoyable


Couple of weeks ago OpenCulture posted an entry about a six-part series titled “How TV Ruined Your Life”. While I found it very ironic that there is a TV series talking about how bad TV is for our society and for individual growth, I couldn’t help but agreeing with Charlie Brooke, the program host. For someone who does not own a TV and has no plan to get one, but still follows her favourite programs online, I can see his point. He has a very sarcastic tone, somewhat depressing, throughout the series. However, I recommend everyone watching this series.

So far, I have watched couple of them and my intent is to watch them all. The one that stood out for me was the one on the topic of LOVE. Aside from being very creative and having the element of wittiness all throughout the program, I thought this is food for thoughts. I asked myself how I define the concept of LOVE. To be honest I do not know. I know I don’t believe in “love at first sight”. I do not believe in soulmate and I do not believe love is enough to keep two people together for their rest of their lives. What I believe is that human is not meant to live alone. We all need someone to grow old with. Then I started to evaluate my own love life. Should I stop watching those chick flick movies that I enjoy the most? I have no idea if unconsciously those movies affect me and change my expectation about what I want to know as love.

"Warning: How TV Ruined Your Life contains harsh language that would not be appropriate for work. "

2 July 2011

The Great Gatsby

"They were careless people... they smashed up things and creatures and retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made... " from The Great Gatsby , p182.

and with this, I finally finished the book. It was a nice read but I don't know why it took me forever to finish it. Also, I just realized that they are remaking the movie. It is coming next year. That is exciting and makes me happier to read the book.

1 July 2011

Canada Day!

It is Canada Day today and the highlight of my day was 1hr skype conversation with a dear friend. Only if i could have my dearest friends and love ones close to me.