18 April 2011

Annoying conversations

-Bijan died.
--Who is Bijan?
-You don’t know Bijan, the famous menswear designer! He was one of the most famous designers of all time. His designs are so expensive that only the politician and celebrities can afford it.
--Do I look like someone who can afford his designs? Or someone who cares about brand names?
-No, I just brought it up because he was an Iranian and I am proud to see if an Iranian is successful.

Every time, I have conversations about stuff like this or those chain emails about successful Iranians stop by my inbox, I can’t help wondering, are those people actually proud to be Iranian?!


Maman said...

i really don't get it why we have to be proud of our nationality! can you imagine someone saying "i am proud to be human" i mean i haven't done anything to be Iranian; maybe i did study good and got a good career or was a good son, or helped a poor .. so i should be proud of myself. Also, maybe my daughter turned out a good teacher, or my father helped a person in need and so i am proud to be related to them but how am i more related to a person from same country that i was born in than another person who is maybe studying with me in the same class but is not from same origin.
So many people are obsess with nationality that it pisses me off. Come on, can be just be human and stop thinking of useless stuff like oh i am from here or there. can we help a poor person because he needs help but not because he is from my country.

Maman said...

dont take me wrong. i like it that i am iranian but do i need to emphasize it to others? I will be supper happy to hear about good things happening in Iran because i have dear friends who live there and it affect them. but do i care a lot that a designer is iranian or indian or japanese? how is that important?

Daisy said...

I didn't respond to this because we talked about it :))