10 February 2011

In the memory of someone special

She said she never felt she needed a man in her life. Her dad was all she needed. He was there when she needed a moral support, encouragement, or just an ear to listen to her conversations. 

I think she has shown a lot of courage so far dealing with the whole thing. I admire her as I admire her for everything she is.


Maman said...

I really loved the link you put there. But really really sad. As much as it was pleasant it was so sad and i had to stop myself from crying even now.

Daisy said...

Sorry to make you sad. I talked to her today because yesterday was her b-day and I got a bit emotional :(

Maman said...

I didn't write the comment to say i got sad. I just thought you shouldn't read these type of stuff. Life is sad by itself and i thing we need to cherish it with more happy stuff.