19 January 2011


My sister sent me this message; "what does =O= stands for?"

Well! I thought she was referring to a new and hip shortcut chat slangs that people use nowadays when they are chatting, texting, or writing online. I thought she saw it somewhere without knowing what it meant. I was also curious to know what this new chat shortcut meant. So I started searching and spending couple of hours without any success and frustrated. Later that day when we talked, it turned out that she was just inspired by Sheldon Copper and his new strategy blowing up people’s heads with his mind when he is annoyed. She made the whole thing up! Add =O= to the list of chat abbreviations you use. It will come handy. Just remember that it is originated by my sister.  


Grumpy smurf said...

I love it! Although it wuold be good sibil as well! ,)) =0= to stupid people!

Lotus said...

it stands for a cat with a big nose and long mustache :) =o=

Maman said...