21 November 2010

A Cyber-Game Challenge: Things that get on my nerves

A dear virtual friend, Ms. Alchemist, challenged me to add my own items to her list. I say this is a challenge because I don’t want to come up with things that most people might find annoying. Although I think pink socks goes very well with jeans and black top (because I love unique styles) :), I am writing this in English since the original reason that I started my blog was to improve my English writing.

Anyway, I invite all of you to share your own lists if you’d like. So, basically I am writing this post and if you are interested in participating, go ahead write up your own and link your post in the comment section of this post.

Things that get on my nerves are the followings:
  • When people think getting drunk is cool!!
  • When someone thinks they are nice by setting me up with a guy without my approval or an advance notice.
  • Those Iranians who think any issues or problem that our community is facing is limited to us (Iranian) and no one else.
  • On the contrary, those people, specially Iranians, who think they have the most amazing history, civilization, culture, or whatever. Stop being so proud of what we used to have/ to be! You can only be proud of your own accomplishments. It does not matter what people before you (particularly thousands years ago) have done. In addition, stop blaming other ethnicities for what we became (i.e. this can be considered racism sometimes).
  • It is really irritating when someone asks me for an advice and then they go and do whatever they wanted to do in the first place. Why do you bother to ask me!!
  • Also, it is very annoying to know people who are struggling financially but they prefer to pay for booze rather than food. I always try to respect other people’s choices specially when it does not affect me. But this is one single thing that I think I will never understand.
  • I used to get very upset when people were late and I had to wait for them but I am getting better now. I learned to like my friends the way they are ;)

The list can go on but I should stop right here!


Maman said...

I have to disagree with you. Getting drunk is very cool :)

Now seriously(which i don't know how to spell 'seriously'), can you elaborate on "It is really irritating when someone asks me for an advice and then they go and do whatever they wanted to do in the first place. Why do you bother to ask me!!"
since i think if someone wants your advice that doesn't mean they are asking you to tell them what to do but rather they want to hear your opinion to see other perspective and then make a decision (Unless they are telling you to make a decision for them)

and on your last point, does this mean that you like me now? :)

Nava said...

Hahaha! Loved your list and have to agree with you on some of the points: the "drunks are cool", Iranians who think we are THE best (Honar nazde iranian asto bas!) and the last one. Confession: it still annoys me when people are not on time.

Thanks for sharing your list :)

Deep Blue Sea said...

Hi Daisy,

I don't like ignorant people who don't think deeply enough about their actions, words and assumptions.

I mean you don't and can't get it right all the time. But at least you should check.

Daisy said...

@Maman: that explainss why you are always drunk!

let me explain what I meant. I don’t like it when I provide them with my advice and they say “yes this is what I will do. “Then, they do otherwise. I don’t expect people to do as I tell them but they don’t need not to be honest with me. At least say, “thanks I will think about it.”

Daisy said...

Hi Deep Blue Sea,

I have a feeling that this post got on your nerves :( Sorry for that.
But you need to explain more. Your comment was very abstract that I could’t understand what you really meant by it. I hope that was not directed to me.