23 October 2010

My sacred place

On campus, there is a concrete building, hated by many people, because they believe it is ugly. I go there time to time for meetings and such. Every time instead of taking elevators, I take the emergency stairway. The whole thing is made of cement (wall, ceiling, and stairs). It is usually cooler than outside and it smells musty. It is more like the smells of the first few drops of rain. I love that emergency stairway. I always take my time when I am there. It reminds me of very old cob houses in Isfahan. My mom always says they used to spray the walls with water to recreate the same smell.

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Lotus said...

when I first arrived in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, it was mid-Novemeber, and I remember a very distinct aroma from that time of the year, from buildings that I first entered in the US, that I always loved, and every November reminded me of it (while I was there)

Please cherish and enjoy these feelings and memories, these are the genuine things that define and enrich our lives !