5 October 2010

My co-pilot

I don’t want to fly solo anymore*. I might get used to it. I might become too independent that when he comes along, I don’t let him in. It is amazing how we, human, get use to anything.

After over a year, I have decided to share my apartment with someone else. She moved in yesterday. I don’t know her but I felt wired the whole day. I was the type of person who had so many different roommates over the years. I didn’t know any of them until I moved in or they moved in. I don’t say all living arrangements went smoothly or there weren't challenges but with some, we ended up to be very good close friends. I hope I revert back to be the same easy-going person that once I was. She is from Peru and seems nice.

*borrowed from HIMYM


Grumpy smurf said...

Azizam, you are too hard on yourself!
I am glad you will have some company, but I hope I am staying your wingwoman ;))
I love the song you posted!

Daisy said...

You will always be my wingwoman :)) even if one day I don't need one, you will still be my wingwoman.

I love the song as well. I can't stop listening to it. It makes me so calm. CMOK!