10 October 2010

Another note about life in general

I told him one of my regrets in life is that I rushed to graduate when I was an undergrad. I even worked every summer in a lab just to improve my resume and gain more experience in my field. I graduated with a very outstanding  resume. I never thought of going abroad as an exchange student just because I knew it would take longer for me to finish. You are still young and you have so much time to be able to consider stuff like this.

He didn’t say much but the third person replied. You know it is still not too late for you either. Don’t just sit here and think about your past. In a few years, you might think that you had the chance to travel and work abroad today and you missed it.

What I heard resonated with me and opened my eyes to some possibilities that I didn’t want to consider. I shouldn’t just wait for my life to start. It has been already started.


Grumpy smurf said...

what is going on?

Daisy said...

noting just that i'm inspired :)

Lotus said...

Very true, no better time than now :)