16 September 2010


Stacks of Wheat (End of Summer), Monet, from here

What I don't like about the winter is not -20C temperature. I am quite all right with the cold; it is shorter days. It gets dark too early.


Nava said...

Totally agree with you on this, being a sun-dependent person that I am...sigh.

Anonymous said...

What if you had $100 million ?

You wont have to worry about money or deadlines.

You can snuggle in a thick soft blanket.

Make some hot delicious food, watch Tv.

Look out of a pent house window at a grand winter view.

May be you could play a video game. Max payne 2 sounds the right choice.

You can also go out onto the balcony for a while....

Daisy said...

I can't make sense of this comment. It looks like spam than anything else.

Maman said...

Hey what do you mean spam, i wrote this. just kidding :) what was your reaction when i said i wrote it? ( ya, i don't get it either)

you know what, i don't like winter either but i am not sure why but after your words i think short daylight is one of the reasons i didn't think of. i really hate dark ( and this is coming from a person who stays up late :)