11 March 2010


When you live in a small city; when you are single and as time goes by, you get older, and you remain single; when you have a very important meeting tomorrow and you need not to think about it, it is always a good distraction talking about guys. 
I can’t believe I am writing this post. Those who know me know that I 'm not really a superficial person and I’m damn serious about the content written here. This is a collection of different point of views. I want to talk about some features and traits in men that could be considered attractive /not attractive to some women including myself (mostly myself). Please feel free to add your ideas about men or women. We might as well try to learn something from each other. 
When it comes to men, I need to be able to look the guy in the eyes. I believe his eyes are the gateway to his heart and soul. If he has those scary eyes, I don’t want to see him again. A beautiful smile also goes a long way. When his smile, makes me smile, then we can talk forever. 
There is a good friend of mine that always says she looks at the guy’s hands. Not checking if he is wearing a ring but to see whether she likes those hands to touch her in future. I can’t elaborate on this more extensively because I'm not sure what she really means.
Then, there is another good friend who is very attracted to mustache. I am not kidding! If the guy has a mustache, he has a room in her heart.
There were various occasions with different friends who said they like to spend their time with a man who makes them laugh. Men with kind hearts also have great chances.
On the other hand, smokers or pretentious men will never have a chance with me. Let me find out about your good qualities and stop using "I" in your every sentences. Have some manners and treat a lady the way a lady should be treated at all times.
I know what I am looking for in a man but I have no clue what men are looking for in women.  Or I'm too independent for guys to like and not necessary a flirty type. I guess that explains why I am still single.


Zlatnokosa said...

Oh my God Daisy jaan what a post!
When I was younger , I was having lots of criteria for guys, now I have just one- he should make me laugh (moustache can easily be grown :))
But seriously, what I figured out (my own experience) is following- if you are nice and kind to them they do not respect you....if you are bitch they love you and adore the ground on which you walk (unfortunately, the bitch part is in conflict with my Guardian/protector personality- maybe that is why I am still single....)...
But, I think if it is in your destiny (meant to be, written in the stars) you will find your prince on the white horse....maybe even in the supermarket next to the frozen meat 
Daisy jaan, you deserve giga nice man to love you and care for you!

آنا said...

پست جالبيه بايد اول خودمونو خوب بشناسيم وبعد به دنبال كس ديگه باشيم شخصي كه به شخصيت ما وخلوت ما احترام بزاره من روي اين خلوت اختصاصي هركس تاكيد ميكنم چون به نظرم خيلي مهمه
وقتي دنبال يه شريك هستي قلبت هميشه بايد كنار عقلت باشه وقيافه آخرين گزينه براي انتخاب اون شخص مهم شخصيت وتربيت خانوادگي و اعتقاداتتون هست كه بايد به هم بخوره موفق باشي ديزي جان

linus said...

I have the whole parameters, not only yours but also your friends'. No why am I still single :-)
May be its because you are "kheili" miles away!

Deep blue Sea said...

Hi Daisy Joon.
Well Different men are looking for different things in women - Some like 'Hot' women with no character. Some like intelligent,gracefully beautiful,with a kind heart,grounded and not too full of herself.Arrogant attitude is a big turn off.

For me "I believe his eyes are the gateway to his heart and soul" This holds extremely true. I mean have come across many Hot women.But only have liked ones with eyes that will make me feel like I wanna spend eternity filling my brain Looking into those eyes {Not sure u got me ;).}

" I'm too independent for guys to like and not necessary a flirty type." - I feel this is not anything negative.It attracts decent guys rather than ones looking for an easy-pick or a quick lay.

Now tell us what you looking for in a guy. Geeks any good for ye ?

Daisy said...

Zlatno kosa jan,
My only concern is what if it is not meant to be. Then what should I do?? To be honest, I’m tired of wondering around frozen meat section in the supermarket.
You, too, deserve a nice normal guy, who makes you happy, who makes you laugh. Love you. xoxo

Daisy said...

آنا جان، با شما کاملا موافقم. راستشو اگه بخواهید من همیشه عقل و فکرم یکم از قلبم بالاتر. و بارها شده که تاسف خوردم. چون میدونم که تعادل در همه چی مهمه. این پست همه نظرات و عقاید منو بیان نمیکنه. در هر حال مرسی که نظره خودتون را نوشتید.

Daisy said...

This sort of comment was exactly a sort of thing one can except from Barney!
And if you think you have all my friends’ criteria. I should send you their contact information. Oh! But wait, you have already found some of them.

Daisy said...

For some reason, I always thought Deep Blue Sea is a gal not a guy. I guess I was very wrong.
I think I rather not get what you meant!
Now that you asked, I like smart guys and not street smart. I like educated and confident men and not geeks and socially awkward ones.

Deep Blue Sea said...

I talked about geeks not nerds . And a person who is smart is also street smart.I think you and I are looking up different dictionaries.

Daisy said...

for me geeks and nerds are basically the same!
And you're right about street smart is smart. I meant to say I like people who have formal, post secondary education.

Daisy said...

"one can except from Barney" should read "one can expect from Barney". I was typing too fast.

Zlatnokosa said...

Merci Daisy jaan! Let's go to supermarket tomorrow, but switch the stand- maybe ice cream section would be better place :))
p.s. why you are not my follower? :)

Daisy said...

I'm following you but through RSS. maybe that's why it doesn't show up in your profile. We should do some experiment tomorrow.
can I link your blog?

Zlatnokosa said...

sure xoxo