19 March 2010

Happy New Year to you!

I really enjoyed listening to this video clip by Sima Bina. I hope you like it too. I borrowed the idea from here.

I am writing the last post for this year (Iranian New Year). I MUST write something.  Too bad I really don't have time to compose a decent message. But this is better than noting. I am not really feeling the Nouroz this year but hoping that by tomorrow, it comes to me. I wish you all a very happy and peaceful holidays, if you get any, and a prosperous and blissful year a head of you. May this year be more productive and happier than last year for all of us. May our wishes come true.


Zlatnokosa said...

bad piruz noruzetan Daisy jaan!
Wish you health, love, joy, super nice time, travel and handsome guy in New Year!
dhusmane aziz :))

shobeir said...

سال نوی شما مبارک باشد.... آهنگ زیر تقدیم می‌شود به شما

Daisy said...

thanks Zlatnokosa. eid mobarak :))
your farsi is getting better and better everyday xoxo

Daisy said...

thanks for the song. I enjoyed it very mush.

Behi said...

Happy nowrouz Daisy jan, wish you a wonderful year filled with joy :)