29 March 2010

Sometimes, you have to trust the guy upstairs by believing that he will look after you the same way he's always has. It will be comforting.

28 March 2010

ups and downs!

  • They say smile and the world smiles with you. I have become to believe that the world differentiates between the real smiles and the fake ones. 
  • I have become to learn that my new burgundy boots don't make me happy. There are the people around me who can make me happy. Who don't make jokes when they see I am already emotional. Who have enough common sense to understand when to stop!   
  • I have the urge to fly, fly high.

27 March 2010

Friendship does not come easy. You have to invest in your friends with your time and with your heart. I think it is selfish to expect others consider you a close friend when you don't even have time for them. Sending one sentence messages time to time for 'just saying hi', does not make you closer to anyone. How are you supposed to know what is going on in your friends life if you don't connect with them. You get closer to people in crises, whether it is yours or theirs, and in order to know if someone is going through a rough time in their life, you should be in contact with them. 
God knows that I have so many overdue emails myself because I have so many friends away from me and piles of messages that I have to write. I don't persist to keep in touch if the other person doesn't try either but at least I don't expect anything from them either.   

26 March 2010


My sister informed me:
  1. Go to bing.com
  2. On the right bottom of the page there are two arrows.
  3. Click on the left one to take you to previous pictures.
  4. Do it several times ( I guess 6 times).
  5. You will see "Sio-se-Pol" bridge, Esfahan, Iran. There are other nice photos as well.

25 March 2010

I have gone through a lot of shit this week...

21 March 2010


Recently, I have been working with several Nursing faculty in daily bases. Most of them used to be nurse practitioners before they got their phd and moved to academia. Sometimes, I have to sit for hours in meetings discussing different issue related to undergrad program. I enjoy working with them but it is frustrating when some people don’t stick to the meeting agenda. They are nurses and they love talking. They don’t realize that the agenda is already long enough. During one of those delightful discussions, M started telling what happened last week during one of her lectures.
Apparently, she was invited to talk about nursing during one of the multi-disciplinary seminars held by some programs on campus. The audience was undergrad students from different health sciences programs including nursing, occupation therapy, physiotherapy, kinesiology, etc. (I attended M’s lecture one time. I have to say she is charming, funny, and a skillful speaker). Anyway, she talked about the nursing profession and when it was time for questions, a student asked her that they heard nurses clean other people’s poop and whether that was correct. M respond was "yes, we sometimes clean poop." While everyone was laughing at this statement, she added: "we do different things for our patients. And yes it is embarrassing to clean someone else’s poop. Nurses often do a lot of intimate things for their patients. You could imagine how ill and disable someone should be that they can’t take care of their own poop. As much as this is embarrassing for a nurse to clean poop, you should imagine how more embarrassing can it get for the patients to see a nurse does that for them. When you put it in this context, I consider cleaning poop a class act."
At this point no one was laughing anymore. M said you could hear a pin drop.
I wish I could capture her story in these words and in a way her story deserves. I wish I could record her voice. I wish you could hear what I heard and how much M’s story affected me. I was almost in tears. While other people around the table were complimenting M on her powerful speech, I thought to myself that is a shame that nursing and nurses are so unappreciated everywhere.

19 March 2010

Happy New Year to you!

I really enjoyed listening to this video clip by Sima Bina. I hope you like it too. I borrowed the idea from here.

I am writing the last post for this year (Iranian New Year). I MUST write something.  Too bad I really don't have time to compose a decent message. But this is better than noting. I am not really feeling the Nouroz this year but hoping that by tomorrow, it comes to me. I wish you all a very happy and peaceful holidays, if you get any, and a prosperous and blissful year a head of you. May this year be more productive and happier than last year for all of us. May our wishes come true.

17 March 2010

It seems sabotaging others is second nature to some people.

16 March 2010

What is your type?

"Whatever the circumstance of your life, the understanding of type can make your perceptions clearer, your judgments sounder, and your life closer to your heart’s desire".

I am not asking who your type is! My question is what your personality type is. If you have not done the Myers-Briggs personality test yet, I recommend you do it now. It can be fun. This test is developed according to human cognitive functions based on experimental observation. So, there is not an established scientific theory behind it. Usually, you should take the test in the presence of trained professionals such as consultants or therapists but this link provides you with a decent questionnaire. I found the result to be fairly good.
After almost two years, couple of weeks ago, I did the test for the second time. I am Rational and specifically considered to be INTJ (Introversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Judgment), mastermind, and independent thinker.
I agree that whatever shapes us, human psychic and personality, is more complex and diverse to be explained only by 16 Myers-Briggs Type categories. However, this is not to be compare with your daily horoscope. Some people use it to identify other people’s personality in order to know how best to approach them and what to expect from them. What I like about it is each personality has its own unique qualities and shortcomings, strengths and challenges. It is not like IQ score or GPA. and there is not any max score associated with each category. Everything is acceptable. You can respond to the questions anyway you want because there is no right or wrong answer. I am not suggesting by taking this test you will get to know yourself, but it is good opportunity to reflect on your temperament. Also, helps to accept other people’s behaviour easier.
Nowadays, I want to know the types of each and every friends, to see if I guess their type accurately. 

11 March 2010


When you live in a small city; when you are single and as time goes by, you get older, and you remain single; when you have a very important meeting tomorrow and you need not to think about it, it is always a good distraction talking about guys. 
I can’t believe I am writing this post. Those who know me know that I 'm not really a superficial person and I’m damn serious about the content written here. This is a collection of different point of views. I want to talk about some features and traits in men that could be considered attractive /not attractive to some women including myself (mostly myself). Please feel free to add your ideas about men or women. We might as well try to learn something from each other. 
When it comes to men, I need to be able to look the guy in the eyes. I believe his eyes are the gateway to his heart and soul. If he has those scary eyes, I don’t want to see him again. A beautiful smile also goes a long way. When his smile, makes me smile, then we can talk forever. 
There is a good friend of mine that always says she looks at the guy’s hands. Not checking if he is wearing a ring but to see whether she likes those hands to touch her in future. I can’t elaborate on this more extensively because I'm not sure what she really means.
Then, there is another good friend who is very attracted to mustache. I am not kidding! If the guy has a mustache, he has a room in her heart.
There were various occasions with different friends who said they like to spend their time with a man who makes them laugh. Men with kind hearts also have great chances.
On the other hand, smokers or pretentious men will never have a chance with me. Let me find out about your good qualities and stop using "I" in your every sentences. Have some manners and treat a lady the way a lady should be treated at all times.
I know what I am looking for in a man but I have no clue what men are looking for in women.  Or I'm too independent for guys to like and not necessary a flirty type. I guess that explains why I am still single.

10 March 2010


 Red Dress by Austin Michael originally uploaded by Oriana Aurelia

I don't really know how to play the game. I should prepare myself to give a good speech based on what I really want. Then, sit back and hope everything falls into place.

3 March 2010

I need to vent!!

Nothing is more valuable that learning new things. I am sure everyone agrees with me on this. But my problem is why people pretend to know everything. If you have the world's knowledge, there is noting left for you to learn. Next time that you think you should be embarrassed about not knowing something, remind yourself that others might not be as judgmental as you think they are. There is no shame in asking a question but I pity you if it comes a day that you ask that question and after getting the answer, start pretending you knew it all along. Insecurity is not an attractive trait.

2 March 2010

C'est la vie!

Boreas 1902 by J.W. Waterhouse. Picture from here.

The cold wind blows and she is standing there. The wind strikes against her body forcefully but she fights it. It does not matter how long you stare at her; You cannot see any sign of anxiety in her face. She is serene or at least this is the impression you get. I look at this painting and I see something more. I see myself in this painting. This is I trying to compose myself at any given time and the cold wind is life. 

1 March 2010


Photo from here.

My February destination from my travel series is Split, Croatia. I'm even sure I'll have a privet tour guide!
  • Hockey is not a game. It's a religion in Canada. Too bad I've never got into it.
  • I have to come back to write about my next destination for the month of February!