10 February 2010

You Gotta be there in 2010!

What you see in this video is not an exaggeration. BC is really that beautiful.

The Winter Olympics are set to open in Vancouver this Friday, while Vancouver is experiencing one of the warmest winter ever. Thank to November snow, they were able to store some of that snow and used it now for games held at Whistler.

I heard so much about this event  while I was there. Olympics always represented as something positive but I am not sure if I would think of it that way anymore. There are so many controversies around this event. Apparently, there was a budget allocated to providing shelters for homeless population but last year they have announced that they don’t have enough money to fulfill this promise. Homelessness and related issues are not new to Vancouver and I don’t know what have happened since. I have heard other things too but I don’t have any reliable references for them nor the time to go dig them up.

Having said that I think it would have been cool to experience living in Vancouver during Olympics games!

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linus said...

sooozzzzzh miyad babam jan!