6 December 2009

Texts with smiley faces, talk for hours, leaving comments and messages... For now, my main social activities include FB and Skype! But I'm still greatful to have some firends (although far from me) who care enough to keep in touch.


Parinaz said...

Same here Daisy jan!
Me too!

Daisy said...

WOW! you are fast :))
Holiday season is close enough. Hang in there honey.

linus said...

manam baaazi! mannaaam baazi!

Me tooo, PariDais!

Daisy said...

mmm,,,okay,,, but first you have to help me to understand what you meant! I am a bit confused. What do you mean by baazi? No one is playing anything.
p.s. It took me 2 secs but I figured out what you meant by PariDais - nice ;)