20 February 2009

Any idea??

It will be my sister's birthday very soon and I feel poetic. I really want to write a poem on her birthday card but I can't think of anything. This time my beloved friend, Google, wasn't that helpful either. After 1hr search, I gave up. My knowledge of poetry has been always insufficient (that being said I always enjoy reading poems). I thought to myself there are some people out there who can help me by providing good suggestions. It will be somehow cheating but I'm sure my sister wouldn't mind. I prefer writing something in Farsi.

Many thanks in advance

p.s. this is the 100th post of this blog (including my unpublished posts). I wanted to be a special post and now I'm glad it turned out to be about my sister and poetry.

11 February 2009

reading break

I'm looking forward to next week because there are only 3 days left to my reading break. YES!

Couples of weeks ago, I checked out a book from the library called "tired of being tired". I didn't have the chance to open it. It is sitting by my chair underneath more books and papers. I just need a short break to recharge my batteries.

8 February 2009

I was just thinking...

You get to meet some people whom you are intimidated by for some reasons or the other or you admire their confidence. You think they have every thing figured out. Then you get to hang out with them more and get to know them better, and then you realize they are just like you are. Everyone can be insecure at one point in his/her life. We are all growing up; no matter how old we are.
So the question is why should we let them influence us?

4 February 2009

The way to start a day

The way to start a day is this-

Go outside and face the east
and greet the sun with some kind of blessing
or chant
or song
that you made yourself
and keep for
early morning.

The way to make the song is this-
Don’t try to think
what words to use
until you’re standing there alone.

When you feel the sun,
you’ll feel the song too.
Just sing it.

But don’t think you’re
the only one
who ever worked that magic.

Your caveman brothers
knew what to do.
Your caveman sisters
knew too.
They sang to help the sun
come up
and lifted their hands to its power.

A morning needs
to be sung to.
A new day needs
to be honoured.

People have always known that.

Didn’t they chant
at dawn
in the sun temples
of Peru?

And leap and sway
to Aztec flutes
in Mexico?

And drum
sunrise songs
in the Congo?

And ring a thousand
small gold bells
in China?

Didn’t the pharaohs of Egypt
say the only sound
at dawn
should be the sound of songs
that please the morning sun?

They knew what songs to sing.

People always seemed to know.

And everywhere they knew
what gifts the sun wanted.

In some places
they gave gold.
In some places
they gave
In some places,
sacred smoke blown to the four directions.
Some places feathers and good thoughts.
Some places fire.


everywhere they knew
to give something.

And everywhere
they knew to turn
their faces
as the sun came up.

Some people still know.

When the first
pale streak of light
cuts through the
wherever they are,
those people
make offerings and send
strong mysterious songs
to the sun.

They knew exactly how to start a day.

Their blessings float
on the wind over
Pueblo cornfields in New Mexico,

you hear their morning songs
in villages in Africa,

they salute the sunrise ceremonially
in the high cold mountains of Peru.

long before dawn
they were already waiting
in Japan
with prayers and they were
gathering at little shrines
in India
with marigolds in their hands.

They were
bathing in the sacred
Ganges River as the sun came up.

And high on a mesa edge
in Arizona
they were holding a baby
toward the sun.

They were speaking
the child’s new name
so the sun would hear
and know that child.

It had to be
and it had to be that first
sudden moment.
That’s when all
the power life
is in the sky.

Some people
there is a new sun
every day,
that it begins
its life at dawn
and lives for one day only.

They say you have to welcome it.

You have to make the sun happy.

You have to make a good day for it.

You have to make
a good world for it to live its
one-day life in.

And the way to start,
they say, in just by
looking east at dawn.

When they look
east tomorrow,
you can too.

Your song will be an offering-

And you’ll be one more person
in one more place
at one more time
in the world
hello to the sun,
letting it know
you are there.

If the sky turns a colour
sky never was before

Just watch it.

That’s part of the magic.

That’s the way to start a day.

By Byrd Baylor and illustrated by Peter Parnall