31 August 2008

I'm back

After such a long absent, I'm back. I've moved, unpacked, and organized a ton of papers. I think it's safe to say that I'm ready for a new term.

Yesterday was the moving day here on campus. There were cars and people everywhere. You could feel the energy. It was fun to watch people trying to find their way around the campus. As I was walking by the bookstore on campus, I saw new freshmen with their parents waiting in the line to get their student ID. I thought of these students when they started the elementary school. The first day of school, they were accompanied by their parents. Now, 18 years later, they are coming to university and again they are with their parents.

I thought that might be a good thing for parents to realize that no matter how old your kids are they always need you.

Farewell Ottawa

This is what I wrote when I was leaving Ottawa. Because I was very busy I did't have the time to edit it and post it. Since I really like to have here on my blog, I decided to post it now.

I am saying good bye to the Rideua Canal which was my favourite spot in Ottawa. It was the most visited site by me. I biked, jugged, and took long walks there.
I am saying goodbye to the Ottawa River, Ottawa Public Library, Tunney’s, ByWard Market, South Bank, Glibe, and Willington St. I am saying goodbye to the Parliament Hill where you can see the ocean from!!
I am saying goodbye to all my noisy and disrespectful neighbours.
Finally I am saying goodbye to the two best roommates I have ever had. I cherish all the laughter, shopping, and good times I had with them.
Farewell Ottawa, it was an interesting summer.

18 August 2008

By living with others, you get to know yourself better. I am who I am and I don't want to change some stuff about myself. I like myself for those qualities that some people think they can never find in others.

17 August 2008


This is a cute animation by Louis Clichy and about love, life, and all its ups and downs. It reminded me of “You are not prefect; nor the person you are in love with. All it matters is that whether you are prefect for each other”. From Good Will Hunting

A quoi ca sert, l’amour ?
On raconte toujours
Des histoires insensées
A quoi ca sert d’aimer ?

L’amour ne s’explique pas !
C’est une chose comme ca !
Qui vient on ne sait d’où
Et vous prend tout à coup.

Moi, j’ai entendu dire
Que l’amour fait souffrir,
Que l’amour fait pleurer,
A quoi ca sert d’aimer ?

L’amour, ca sert à quoi ?
A nous donner d’la joie
Avec des larmes aux yeux…
C’est triste et merveilleux !

Pourtant on dit souvent
Que l’amour est décevant
Qu’il y a un sur deux
Qui n’est jamais heureux…

Meme quand on l’a perdu
L’amour qu’on a connu
Vous laisse un gout de miel -
L’amour c’est éternel !

Tout ca c’est très joli,
Mais quand tout est fini
Il ne vous reste rien
Qu’un immense chagrin…

Tout ce qui maintenant
Te semble déchirant
Demain, sera pour toi
Un souvenir de joie !

En somme, si j’ai compris,
Sans amour dans la vie,
Sans ses joies, ses chagrins,
On a vécu pour rien ?

Mais oui! Regarde-moi !
A chaque fois j’y crois !
Et j’y croirait toujours…
Ça sert à ca l’amour !

Mais toi, tu es le dernier !
Mais toi’ tu es le premier !
Avant toi y avait rien
Avec toi je suis bien !

C’est toi que je voulais !
C’est toi qu’il me fallait !
Toi que j’aimerais toujours…
Ça sert à ca l’amour !

Art of Balance (part 2)

The Artist in action, Ottawa River, Aug 2008

Cleopatra, Aug 2008

The Kiss, Aug 2008

I have got more pictures of balanced rock sculptures and come up with names. Enjoy!!!

13 August 2008

the Contrast

It just hit me that there was a time in my life that I was living in the past, surrounded by all sort of nostalgia. I never thought of living in a better place, in a better time, and actually enjoying my life. Now I have another problem. I live for the future.

11 August 2008

Funny in Farsi

"I believe peace in the Middle East could be achieved if the various leaders held their discussion in front of a giant bowl of Persian ice cream, each leader with his own silver spoon. Political differences would melt with every mouthful". Form Funny in Farsi by Firoozeh Dumas

This is such a nice sentiment, funny and clever. However, instead of enjoying Firoozeh' wit, I am craving Faloodeh Shiraz with fresh lime juice, at this moment.

8 August 2008

Friday: a lucky lucky lucky day

Apparently, today is a very lucky, lucky, lucky day. The date, Aug. 8, 2008, translates into 8-8-8 - and in Chinese culture, the number eight signifies wealth and good fortune.

If you want to get married, you should do it today. Just a thought.

7 August 2008

Art of Balance

Ottawa River, July 2008

This is a creation of balanced rock sculpture by John Felice Ceprano. In 1986, he started using unaltered natural rocks to build ephemeral sculptures by hand. Later on, the sculptures are stabilized with glue.

6 August 2008

On Dialogue!!

On Dialogue or as I like to call it "the secret to the social reconciliation"

It took me longer to gather my thoughts and write about this book than to read the book itself. Anyway I managed to do both. I believe this isn't a book that you should read once. I know that I need to read it over and over to be able to develop my personality based on its concept. To me, this book is a guideline to self-awareness. It helped / will be helping me to be aware of my mind, my thoughts, and my roles not as an individual in the society but as a member of my society.

In the next two paragraphs, I've picked some of the most enlightening phrases from the book. I've quoted Bohm directly from his book for those who are not familiar with the concept of Bohm Dialogue.

According to Bohm, "the word Dialogue means “a stream of meaning and ideas” among a group of people. It is possible that it occurs even within one person’s head (from page 7). …While Discussion is like a ping-pong game that ideas are going back and forth and the goal is to win, Dialogue is only talking about ideas; nor believe them neither disbelieve them and definitely not to judge them as good or as bad… The objective of a dialogue is not to analyze things, or to win an argument, or to exchange opinions. Rather, it is to suspend your opinion and to look at the opinions … and to see what all that means. If we can see what all of our opinions mean, then we are sharing a common content, even if we do not agree entirely". (from page 30)

"…I am saying that it is necessary to share meaning. A society is a link of relationships among people and institutions, so that we can live together. But it only works if we have a culture- which implies that we share meaning; i.e., significance, purpose, and value. Otherwise it falls apart. Our society is incoherent, and doesn’t do that very well; it hasn’t for a long time, if it ever did". (from page 22)

“…Dialogue is “socio-therapy” not individual therapy… This is not group therapy”. It is supposed to transform everyone in the group and help them to reach that higher level, which is "sharing a common content".

You can find the principles of dialogue as established by David Bohm here.

I was intrigued by the idea of Dialogue maybe because of the examples Bohm provided throughout his book. As a scientist, he knew exactly how scientific community works; its flaws and shortcomings. I used to consider myself a scientist. I've been studying science most of my adult life. I've been in close contact with many many scientists for long time. Maybe that was the reason that I could easily relate to his examples and nod as I was reading the book page after page.

“Science is supposed to be dedicated to truth and fact, and religion is supposed to be dedicated to another kind of truth and to love. But people self-interest and assumptions take over (from page 14). ... Science is predicated on the concept that science is arriving at truth- at a unique truth. The idea of dialogue is thereby in some way foreign to the current structure of science, as it is with religion. In a way, science has become the religion of the modern age. It plays the role which religion used to play of giving us truth; hence different scientists cannot come together any more than different religions can, once they have different notions of truth". (from page 43-44)

I am not trying to generalize here. I know there are many scientists out there who are open-minded and very good in communication. However, I've met so many high ranked scientists who reject any ideas that contradict their own. They only believe in a unique truth- not different possible truths- and that is not limited to scientific issues either.

Another interesting example that I came across was the conflict between Einstein and Bohr. Apparently these two geniuses avoided each other company because they could not agree on the same thing. “If they would have listened to each other’s opinions perhaps they both would have moved out beyond relativity and beyond quantum theory into something new.” (from Dialogue)

One last thing I would like to share with you is my new motto by Krishnamurti, “The cup has to be empty to hold something” (from page 19). This is the secret on how to be more open-minded, less judgmental, and able to learn new things.

p.s. Thanks Shobeir for your recommendation.

4 August 2008


The clock on the Second Cup's wall, Ottawa, July 2008

Whoever knows me a little, knows that I love having a cup of coffee in the morning. Some considers it as my addiction to caffeine, but I think of it as something that helps to look forward to starting a new day. As long as I keep it to one cup a day, I should not be concerned about it. According to an article on Forbes, the Priciest Cup of Coffee in the World can be found in Moscow. I don't understand why the price of coffee should be so expensive in some places comparing the cost of living. While the average cup of coffee in Moscow is $10.19, including service, the same coffee costs $5.04 in Tokyo. The average monthly rent on a two-bedroom luxury apartment in Moscow costs $4,500. While in Tokyo, where space is at a premium, the apartment rent averages out to $5,128.84.

I'm not sure that I would still enjoy my coffee, if I was living in Moscow.