29 March 2008

Today's Google

Why on earth Google is black today?
It gave me an hearth attack when I saw that first. I have no idea what is going on.

I see. It's Earth Hour . Google user in Canada "turned the lights out" on the Google homepage as a gesture to raise awareness of a worldwide energy conservation effort.

22 March 2008

New year, new begining

This is the first Norooz that I'm celebrating without my family. (Maybe the honest version is the first Norooz that I didn't want to celebrate). These past few years, I was the one who went to buy the goldfishes for haftseen and delivered them to my mom. This year, for my first haftseen I didn't have a goldfish. I didn't even want to have a haftseen. Thanks to my new friend and her cousin who came to my place for tahveel, we celebrate the New Year together and away from our own families. I enjoyed their companies. We talked, laughed, and did whatever girl friends do when they get together.

I'm amazed because I'm not even sad or homesick nor I have shut the emotions off. I've accepted it. It was my own choice to go away to study. At least this is what I think right now or I'm just too occupied with other things in my mind. There are so many mixed fellings here. I know I don't make any sense. But one thing is for certain and that is tahveel turned out totally amazing and not the way I planed it. thank god

20 March 2008

Happy New Year

This is what my lovely friend, Gity, sent me today.

"Wishing you a beautiful year, full of good health, satisfaction, laughter and reunions...
May your lips always smile, and your heart be full of joy...
Norooz 1387 mobarak"

and this is what I wish for all my friends and family. Happy New Year

10 March 2008

Kits- my neighborhood

I've always considered myself as a city girl. I've grown up in Tehran and spent almost all my life in big cities. I enjoy the fast-paced life, traffic, noises, and the liveliness of the big cities. Yesterday, I realized I really love my neighborhood (not because it is evergreen and beautiful) but because there are a lot of small stores all along one of the streets. There is no shopping mall close by. All the stores are privet own shops. Although it's a big city, it has the charm of smaller towns. I can sit in the bus for hours, look out side, watching people passing by, walking their dogs, or doing other things. I don't even want to read in the bus. There are other times that I get off the bus couple of stops before I reach my destination, so I can walk on the sidewalk. Specially these days that I can feel the spring, I want to enjoy it as much as I can. I wish I live here after I graduate (should add this to my list).