29 January 2008

The magic of mother-tongue

Holiday memoirs, part I, Jan 7th 2008

What is it about the mother tongue that no matter how fluent you are in another language, it's not your mother language. Thus, it doesn't have that same effects on you as your first language. Nothing can substitute your first language. I do miss Farsi more than I miss Iran itself. I remember a time when a car pulled over to ask me a direction. When we both realized we were Iranian, I gave him the direction in Farsi. It was such a wonderful feeling- talking to a random person in Farsi. Even songs and music have different essence when they are in Farsi.

Having said that, it reminded me my trip back from Montreal. My flight was 2 hours delayed because of the weather condition. There it was a heavy fog in Montreal in January. As soon as the plane took off, we experienced some heavy turbulence which continued through out the flight. I didn't mind; these sorts of things barely affect me. But that wasn't the case with my fellow passenger next to me; 21 years old Sara, who started shaking and panicking. She wasn't able to talk and I really feared for her life. No one could do anything to calm her down. We had to ask the flight attendant to come to her rescue. Nothing worked until the flight attendant realized that Sara and he were sharing similar first language which was Arabic. He started singing an Arabic song to her. It was amazing to see the effect of that song on her. She started to breath normally and eventually asked for water.

14 January 2008

The first blossom

Holiday memoirs, part I, Dec 23 rd 2007

The Azalea finally bloomed in the middle of the winter. To be honest, when I was changing its flower pot last summer, I never thought it would make any difference and the poor plant would come back to life. But here there are buds of joy. I hope it flowers until “aide Norooz”.

13 January 2008

A promise

I've become a stranger to my own blog. Such a shame :(

I promise myself to do better from now on and post more often, no matter how busy it gets. This blog is important to me.

1 January 2008

Happy New Year!
Hope it'll be better than 2007 for my family, relatives, my friends, and myself.

These are some interesting e-cards which I found in the Facebook.