20 August 2007

My brother referred to me and my sister as "Sense and Sensibility". I'm the sensible one, of course,,,lol.

19 August 2007

Cloud Reflections and Mt Moran by Ansel Adams

I'm touched by Ansel Adams's talent. I always had higher appreciation for painting than photography. This point of view has been changed since I started to learn more about photography. They both are equality artful. Ansel Adams had said that people may not believe and trust what they see in a painting because it's a human creation. However, what you capture in a photo is a reality.

13 August 2007

the Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn

One of the most exciting novels I read this summer was “the Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn” by Robin Maxwell. I have always been fascinated by history and this one was no exception. As I learned more about the history of England, I started reading about Henry VIII, the brutal and nasty king that England has ever faced. And the story of six miserable wives he acquired. This novel is based on true historical evidence on the life of Anne Boleyn the second wife of Henry VIII and the mother to Queen Elizabeth I. this book is more than history, it is a life story. It is about the true courage of a woman who stood for what she believed in.

I quoted some paragraphs from the book.

This is what Anne said in her diary about the bitter relationship between Henry VIII and her first wife Katherine.
“I watched and saw the love that flowed a river from Katherine’s source to Henry’s raging sea, but never did one drop of that ocean’s love return to her.”

Thomas Wyatt one of Anne’s admirers wrote to her:
“ Sometimes I feel the fire that me brent
By sea, by land, by water and by wind,
And now I follow the coals that be quent
From Dover to Calais against my mind.”

This is what Anne’s father told her as a cruel advice not for her sake but his.
“Hear me Anne. You play a game more dangerous than you care to know. You toy with Kings and Bishops, even Rome. You make fools of men. And other men will die in your name. You will come to no good end, I fear, and you will bring this family down as well.”

9 August 2007

Connecting the dots

This is an inspiring video clip that I watch today. It's the commencement speech address by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, delivered on June 12, 2005.
To watch click on the title "Connecting the dots".

7 August 2007

No Reservations

Tonight, I saw the movie “No Reservations”. It’s a very cute and interesting movie. If there is only one thing I’ll try to remember about it will be this dialog between Catherine Zeta-Jones and her therapist:

Kate: I wish there was a receipt for life to guide you how to live.
Her therapist: the best receipt is the one you create for yourself.

3 August 2007

A poem

As I mentioned before, I had the chance to meet new people and build new friendships. This is a beautiful poem by a new friend of mine. It truly touched me when I read it,,,

You wear a mask to conceal your emotions
I wear a smile to hide my pain.
All the while, you never reveal your emotions
and I never reveal my pain.
This is how it is when a relationship ends.

By Ingrid D. Johnson

The Persepolis in England

I'm back with a lot of unforgettable memories and numbers of new good friends. I have a lot to say but I don’t know where to begin. I may as well take a look at my travel journal, review each pages and write about every one of them. I’m really hoping to write as a new person. I’m hoping this trip has changed me for a better person.

I had the chance to travel to the Persepolis about 15 years ago. Although what have been left from this ancient city are only some ruins, I was touched by what the man is capable of building and destroying. My heart broke as I was walking through different section of the Persepolis and imaging those huge halls and rooms.

Two weeks ago when I visited the British Museum, I was fortunate enough to visit the Persepolis exhibition. Then I realized that it wasn’t only Alexander the Great who destroyed most of this beautiful city but there are so many parts of it stolen by other countries. This is one of the largest sculpture (my favorite) displayed in this Museum and thankfully with small description and translation of the original ancient texts.