2 April 2015

Write it down, make it happen

My sister gave me this book by Klauser 2 Christmases ago. I finally picked it up today and I'm on page 50 now. It is an easy read and I am wondering why I didn't read it sooner.

The whole concept and the idea of the book is not new to me. I heard it before. If you have a goal or if you want to get some thing in life, write it down and it will become true. Once I wrote a list while back, when I lived in Vancouver and I forgot about it. Couple of years later, when I was going through my stuff and decluttering  for my move, I came across it. I went through the list and I realized that one of the items in the list was 'to live in a place with wood burning fireplace'. At a time, my tiny little apartment had a fireplace.

Recently, I  have come across many bloggers who blog full time and earn money; this is their job. I have to admit, I envy them and wonder how they have become so successful. Many of them are full time moms. They have either published books or got a contract to write their first book. I wonder what about those professional writers who put their hearts and soles in their writings and what to get published. I'm not saying they don't deserve it because I have not read their books nor followed their entir blogs. So I shouldn't judge them but I am allowed to wonder.


I guess it is right. If you write it down (even in your blog), it will happen.

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