9 October 2014

welcome fall

For the past two weeks, my primary task was to clear my stuffy nose and try all sort of remedies to get ride of this cold. I am really tired of being sick. I can't even enjoy the fall and all its beautiful colour. However, I managed to finish The Girl Who was Saturday Night by Heather O’Neil. What a strange, amazing, and wired book.

“They say in Quebec that if you are conceived on a night when your parents are drinking, then you are going to be melancholic your whole life. If your parents conceived you the first time they ever had sex, then you will be lucky your whole life, and everyone you meet will fall madly in love with you.” P. 103

 “There was no difference between the expressions I like you and I love you in French. You could never declare love like that in English. We loved in a self-destructive, over the top way. A way that was popular in sixties experimental theatre and certain Shakespeare plays. P.280

From the girl who was Saturday Night by Heather O’Neil

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