2 September 2014

Wedding's memories

June 2014, Toronto

After a very hectic weekend and two moves later, I am sitting in my new living room, surrounded by boxes, smelling the rain and enjoying the breeze. I am looking at the wedding pictures my friend sent me today. It was absolutely lovely ceremony and I enjoyed my role as the made of houner. Basically I was just holding a beautiful bouquet of lilies and orchids next to the bride. This is another advantage of having a small wedding. No one gets stressed out over the details. All the guests get to know each others. Everyone will have fun. I just wish that my plus one came with me that night. I miss him now.

The life, faith, destiny or whatever you want to call it is very peculiar. You never know what might come up and in what sort of situation you might find yourself. The only think you can hope for is that the good things come before you and you meet good people who are generous with their hearts.

Enjoy this song by Jill Barber, http://youtu.be/ntvEgliyQXM . I just discovered her recently through her last album, Chansons.

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