10 August 2013

A warm welcome to the new members of Daisy's tea house.

Estée Lauder poor attempt at promotion

This is how Estée Lauder's catalogue looks like in Farsi. You would think the marketing department at such an expensive and high profile cosmetic company would do their due diligence to avoid embarrassment like this.

7 August 2013

The birth house

“He has left me with a quiet, sure happiness that will not go away, and I don’t think it matters if he ever says he loves me. I know him, have always known him. Same as I know he doesn’t like too much sugar, not in his coffee, not in a girl. Same as I know he’s never has patience for lies. Sin has many tools, but a lie has a handle to fit them all. Same as I know that tonight at midnight, or half past one, or whenever he sees that the rest of the Bay is asleep, Hart Bigelow will make his way up to the road to Spider Hill and lay his body next to mine, again.” The birth house, p. 353

I loved this book. The author, Ami McKay is a talented writer.