16 July 2013

I dare to dream

I dream; I dare to dream for something better and bigger.
I dream of a place that I feel walking on the clouds again.
I dream of a place that I can enjoy the colour of the city again.
I dream of a place the keeps me dreaming again.
I dream; I dare to dream.


Reza Mahani said...

Dreaming and imagination are very important. No one can take away your dreams from you except yourself! (This is frightening but true.)

Hope all is well, and hope you dare to dream more and to bring your dreams closer to reality every day!

Daisy said...

Thank you Reza for your kind words :)

Aftab bano said...

I am so happy you are back here...just keep on dreaming and keep on writing. Cmok

Daisy said...


Anonymous said...

wow, did you right this? it is really good :)

Daisy said...

thx :)