23 April 2013

Things people don’t talk about!

Sometimes you think you know a lot of things about people you see every day but that is not the case. I was talking to colleagues about delivering a presentation; as part of the interview, delivering lectures, or workshops. We talked about how your nerves might get better of you and how to manage it. One of them practices Kung Fu (martial art) in his office before giving a presentation. The other one said she is taking Prozac. It helps her with mood disorder (which I didn't know she had) and managing her nerves. One of the described conducting a workshop as going to a war and the other one said she feels as nervous as the first time she did a presentation.

15 April 2013

My new obsession with Dowager Countess of Grantham ;)

14 April 2013

Maggie Smith

Quartet (2012) - IMDb

"Quartet" Premiere - Arrivals - 2012 Toronto International Film Festival