25 March 2013

Sometimes, I realize that it is me surrounded by walls.

22 March 2013

Marcello Di Cintio writing about Nowruz

I couldn't help not writing about this. I have read Poets and Pahlevans years ago but the memory of how enjoyable that was is still fresh. If you are interested to know more about Persian New Year check out this blog post.

21 March 2013


In order to enjoy a song, I need to understand the lyrics. There have been only a few occasions that I didn't understand the lyrics at all but I enjoyed the songs. On of those times was when I went to a live perforce by Ana Moura, a Portuguese singer. She was amazing. Another song that I become overly emotional when I listen to is this song. It is a sad song talking about heart break but I always found it beautiful.  I will try to find the translation for this but it might take a while.


A blog friend was kind enough to share this information with me. I found it to be very informative and since I am always interested to know about differences in languages, I thought of posting this here:

In English poetry the objects do have specific genders.." if you choose male or female, however depends not simply on the context, but on the "character" that this item carries. So I guess if the poem is about a gently blowing summer wind, this will be a SHE, but if it is about a horrible thunderstorm, this must be a HE. A nice, colourful, delicate and well-smelling flower will most likely be assigned a female gender. But if the poem is about a carnovourous plant, ugly looking and nastly smelling, it would be more appropriate to assigned it a male gender". 

"... There are some fixed cases of assigned gender: The Sea is always male, whereas ships are always female. In contrast to German, where the Sea is female (but the Ocean is male (?), and ships are neutral. So british poetry, like the british character in general, takes a very pragmatic position, in contrast to German, which you have to follow the rules of grammar, and where it does not matter whether you write a sonett or a car damage report."   by Michael

In Farsi, there is no female or male.

20 March 2013

Happy New Year! Happy Spring!

I wish you Health ,Happiness, Joy and Peace. Happy Nowruz! Happy Spring!

p.s. It was snowing the entire night . But the sun is shining this morning and birds are singing from naked branches. I take that as the spring! :) 

16 March 2013

Google Reader

If I say it is devastating that Google Reader is being discontinued, I am not exaggerating.

10 March 2013

I'm writing your name

"I'm writing your name my darling
On the old poplar
You're writing my name my darling
On the sand of the path

Tomorrow it will rain
On the wounded stories
Your name will remain my darling
And my name will be erased

I talk about you my darling
To the people of the neighbourhood
You talk about me my darling
To the spring water
And when they burn the midnight oil
Beneath the lamps of the evening
They talk about you my darling
And I am forgotten

You gave me a flower
I showed it to my friends
I put it in my book
I planted it on my pillow
I gave you a vase
You didn't take care of it you weren't concerned with it
So the gift went to waste

You tell me you love me
You don't know how much
If you really love me
Then tell me why you did that?
Please .. Why.. Why?"

translation: from youtube

it is here because it is one of your favourite songs!